Residential Evening Update

22nd October 2019
Evening everyone,
It’s been a fantastic full-on day at Marchant’s Hill! Today we’ve all completed the same four activities, all at different times:
Abseiling - an amazing tower to abseil down, near the lake
Challenge course - a course of wooden obstacles to climb over, under or through
Giant swing - a huge swing for two children at a time, winched up by the rest of the group, as high as you want it to go
Low ropes - a set of balancing ropes and other challenges, set about a foot above the ground
Each group enjoyed the four activities, showing huge amounts of team work and perseverance. In particular, I have been hugely impressed by children really pushing themselves to try, even when they are nervous or worried. 
I’d also like to add that I have myself spoken to a group of children from another school whose behaviour was unacceptable near us today, and also I’ve observed other another school not following their leaders instructions and being really disrespectful. OUR children have been brilliant - polite, respectful and really supportive of each other. I’ve told them that tonight -  along with nags about knocking on doors, walking to the dinner hall instead of running - the usual moans! 
Lunch today was a steak pie, or chicken pie, or vegetarian sausage roll, with mash, plus the usual salad, fruit, soup etc. Dinner this evening consisted of chicken nuggets, potato wedges, cheese ravioli, vegetables, soup etc plus apple crumble for dessert. Everyone is eating plenty - there’s also bread for toast so no one is going hungry.
After lunch we wrote letters home and Mrs Lovell is kindly posting those to you this evening. 
This evening we had a quiz run by our leader Joe. It was a general knowledge quiz and got fairly heated but was joined in by all with gusto! 
After a story by Mrs R (and cake to fuel a good night’s sleep) it was off to bed. Everyone is tired - it’s been a full on day of fresh air and fun. Tomorrow there’s many more activities to do, Mr Doyle and Mrs Rennison go home, Mr Alexander and Mrs Bartlett arrive and it’s mid way through the week. It’s going so well! 
Next update tomorrow morning.
Mrs Rennison