Residential Update - Thursday Evening

24th October 2019
What an amazing day!  It has pretty much rained all day but that hasn’t stopped us.  The children have all completed the following four activities at various times throughout the day:
Jacobs ladder - the children worked in small teams to use a rope to climb as high as they could up the ladder (which consists of several horizontal logs that become increasingly further apart from each other,
Archery - we played various games to develop our accuracy using a bow and arrow.  I am very proud of my three final arrows which all hit gold!
Climbing - it was great to watch the children really challenge themselves.  They got several goes on the new climbing wall and as their confidence grew they climbed higher and higher!
Orienteering- all I can say is it is a good job that sat navs are so common these days!
The food has continued to be good.  Lunch was pasta with various sauces and a huge salad cart along with fruit and bread.  We had birthday cake for pudding - after we had all sung happy birthday and our birthday boy had blown out 11 candles!  Tea was chicken nuggets, vegetable korma, rice, salad, bread and rice pudding followed by more cake.
We then attempted to pack!  When (and I do mean when, not if)you find things in your child’s bag that do not belong to them, please return them to school and we’ll try to reunite them with their owner after half term!
After a slight issue with music we all enjoyed a good dance at the disco and then had our final story - a very disgusting tale of the worlds worst dinner lady.
Everyone was in bed by 9:30pm and it was all quiet by 9:50pm!
Mrs Bartlett