Residential Update - Thursday Morning

24th October 2019
Morning all
Another good night. The exhaustion is beginning to set in so after cake and story time (I’m not sure my story reading ability quite lived up to Mrs Rennison’s), all children were in bed, with lights out by 9:30pm. It was all quiet by 10:00pm so they are either very good at pretending to be asleep or they really did zonk the minute their heads hit the pillow!
Almost all children had to be woken this morning at 6:45 to get ready for breakfast. I’m aware food has featured heavily in Mrs Rennison’s updates - I fully understand why. We’ve all just enjoyed bacon, tomato, scrambled egg, porridge, cereal, toast - I could get used to this!
We’re all looking forward to our last full day of activities and then the joy of packing this evening, which based on the state of some rooms is going to be interesting - I take no responsibility for what comes home in your children’s bags! However I do guarantee tired, happy children with amazing experiences to share with you!
Mrs Bartlett