Residential Update - Wednesday Evening

23rd October 2019
Good evening,
It's been yet another fun-filled activity day here at Marchant's Hill!
Today the children have taken part, in their groups, in another four activities:
Zipwire - an adrenaline-fueled flight down the line in a harness, with the chance to go several times - I think every child took part in this activity, as did Mrs Bartlett (and there's photographic evidence!)
Buggy Building - everyone in the group working together to learn how to tie knots, then using these to tie a buggy together before making seats and a floor rest and pushing each other in the buggies
Survivor - a chance to learn how to filter water, how to light a fire using cotton wool and how to build a successful shelter in the wild
Problem Solving - lots of opportunity for us to think outside the box, where answers weren't always obvious - a tyre challenge to move tyres within certain rules and a balance seesaw to figure out as a team
The children all enjoyed these activities, although I think the zip wire hands down won best activity of the day. 
Lunch was a choice of baguette with ham or cheese (or both if you smiled sweetly), alongside the usual soup,salad, fruit etc. Dinner was very exciting - chips galore! Oh, or chilli and rice, or hoisin noodles, or fishfingers to go with the chips, plus all the regular choices. As always, everyone found plenty to eat and definitely didn't go hungry. 
Just before dinner we had the chance to visit the on-site shop and spend our pocket money. I was particularly impressed with children carefully selecting items they felt you would like, or for siblings - some children even spent all their money without buying something for themselves. You have lovely children!
After dinner, the evening activity was Robot Wars. Not your TV variety- children completed various team games in order to earn points, and what do points make? No - not prizes, they give you a chance to 'purchase' cardboard - to then create a human robot out of cardboard. The winner was a dragon robot, complete with moving wings and a tail! Good fun was had by all.
Most children, however, were looking very tired today, so after a story from Mrs Bartlett (which may or may not have matched up to the reading aloud skills of Mrs Rennison - to be decided), and of course the obligatory piece of cake, it was lights out and sleeping children. 
Only a day and a half to go. The children are doing so well - when Mrs Bartlett arrived this morning, she was greeted at reception by the manager, who commented that our children were behaving beautifully. We both agree - and are very proud of them. Not just for behaviour, but for challenging and pushing themselves too. The occasional bout of homesickness is quickly resolved with friendship and fun, and everyone has gone to sleep dreaming of tomorrow's big adventures!
2 days to go...

Mrs Rennison and Mrs Bartlett