Residential Update Morning 18.10.18

18th October 2018

So we are over half way through the week and your children are having the most amazing time. I only got to spend one evening and breakfast time there, but all your children were desperate to tell me that they had faced their fears, or tried something new - and what fun they are having!

Last night the children were very tired - impact of 3 days of activities - but luckily the evening activity was a film night. We put on PJs, took teddies and went to one of their theatres and watched Madagascar - it was surprisingly quiet as they all watched avidly (I may also have heard a couple of snores...!).
We went to bed straight after as the children were very tired, and everyone settled well to sleep very quickly - I didn't hear a peep all night.
This morning, all children look refreshed and ready to go again, and after another hearty breakfast, I sent them all off to their first activity, in the care of Mrs Braidley again.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with your children, and so did Mrs Bartlett, who spent most of the day there yesterday.
They are home tomorrow!
Just to keep you informed, last night there was a fairly significant flood in the annex. It originated from Willow Class sink and has affected both classrooms. We have property services helping us to sort it out and by after half term, the classrooms should be fine but, for today, Year 4 are working in the hall. Never mind - these things are sent to try us!
Mrs Rennison