Resources to help with anxiety and feelings about the virus, lockdown and staying at home

21st May 2020
I just wanted to share a few resources that might be helpful for your children, that are about growing an understanding of the situation we all find ourselves in currently. It may well be that your children have adjusted well to life in lockdown, but I've spoken to a few parents and children this week who have good days and bad days - just like me, and probably all of us - and I found these stories and thought they might help. They are all about supporting the anxiety that surrounds the idea of coronavirus. In looking at all three, we prefer the first one - Everybody worries - but all three are different and will appeal to different audiences. The last one is a video of a book rather than the book - you can find the book as well. I hope that these help at least one of the children in understanding and coping with their feelings about the virus.
Mrs Rennison