School Ambassadors

16th September 2020
After a very frustrating start to the week, I have had a lovely day today! Over the last two days, alongside Mrs Rowe (one of our chairs of governors), I have interviewed the Year 6 children for our ambassador roles. For those of you that are new to St Martin's, we have several ambassador roles that our Year 6 children can apply for during their final year at school. They have to write a letter explaining which role they want and why and then they have to come and be interviewed for that role.
Our Year 6 children were amazing - I was completely blown away with how confidently they talked to us and how passionate they were about our school and the roles they were applying for! The way they spoke about St Martin's, our school values and what they feel about our school was incredibly powerful - they should all be incredibly proud of themselves.
I have to confess, the decisions were incredibly difficult, but after much debate we would like to congratulate the following children:
School Ambassadors - Conrad and Faustine
Vice School ambassadors - Beth and Seren
Music Ambassadors - Molly and Olivia
Art Ambassadors - Willow and Alice
Sports Ambassadors - Anabel and Freddy
I would also like to say how impressed I was with the children who were not successful - I know just how disappointed they will have been when they found out this afternoon, but they did not complain and say it wasn't fair, instead they congratulated their friends, who were successful and were pleased with them. I was incredibly proud of them!
The ambassadors will receive their badges in upper school worship on Friday (I'm really sorry but we can't invite parents as we usually would) and I will be talking to them about how they can fulfil their roles in the current situation over the next week or so - they had some very creative ideas they shared during the interviews!
A huge well done to everyone involved.
Mrs Bartlett