Something to make you smile...!

9th September 2020
I just wanted to share with you all something with you all to make you smile...
Mrs Bartlett and I were both teaching this afternoon, Mrs Bartlett in Willow Class and me in Sycamore and Silver Birch, covering PPA. We were both SO excited to be teaching again!!!! We have missed it a huge amount; during this whole lockdown, key worker opening, YR Y1 and Y6 opening, Y2 and Y5 bubble weeks, neither of us have been able to do any teaching.
We both LOVED it! So much fun. The time went quick! It helped that the behaviour in the classes was fab, and I myself was so impressed at how well lower school have settled in to the new normal. I was a bit sad to be teaching children all sat in rows, and not be able to be more physical with learning, but the children have adapted so well to this and I think it's just up to me to find my own ways round it.
But - what a lovely afternoon!
Mrs Rennison