22nd September 2020
Good morning,
Over the last couple of days we have had a number of children upset coming into school. If this is your child, please do not worry – you are not alone! We have had children, from across the school, several of whom usually skip into school, who have been reluctant to come in. Having discussed this as a staff, we believe it is about the fact that they have been back two weeks and reality is setting in. School is different and it is hitting them that it is going to be different for a while. Our children are amazingly resilient and have coped with all sorts of things that we could never have imagined over the last 6 months... however they are still children. I know that several of the staff are finding the differences challenging and we are all having to find ways of coping with the changes – I’m guessing many of you struggle to remember your face mask when popping to the shops, have had to cancel family gatherings and are unable to plan your child’s birthday party in the way you usually would. We are all having to come to terms with some significant changes and for all of us, including our children, there are times when this just becomes too much.
If this affects your child, please keep talking – both to your child and to us. Reassure your child, that they are incredible, remind them of everything they have achieved over the last few months and help them to realise that they can overcome this too! And keep us informed of what is going on – all children deal with things differently – they may cry, become distant, disengage or even get angry. We don’t have a magic wand, but we will always work with you and your child to help them cope with whatever it is that they are finding difficult and to help them feel happy and secure in school again!
If you do have to leave your child with us in tears, please try not to worry; trust us to look after them. Our staff are incredibly skilled and figuring out what is right for each child, be that distraction, comfort or humour. Usually children settle very quickly. We know that leaving an upset child can feel hard but we promise we will call you if necessary.
Mrs Bartlett