Thank a Teacher Day

20th May 2020

It's Thank a Teacher Day - so we want to thank YOU!

At the moment, YOU are your child's teacher, whilst we are unable to fulfil that role, so today, the thanks go to you. You are all doing a wonderful job, supporting learning, juggling work and play, and keeping their skills up for when we can take up the reins again.

Therefore we just wanted to say thank you - we really appreciate everything you are doing at the moment. We recommend rewarding yourselves with whatever takes your fancy - ours would be a cold glass of white wine and a box of chocolates, but it's up to you!

An additional school-directed task today could be to make you a card/make you a cup of tea/tidy their bedroom or whatever you'd like them to do for you!

Have a good day.

Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison