The Outside Prayer Space is open!

15th June 2021
Our outside prayer space is open!
I am thrilled to let you all know that the Worship Team and I have finally finished furnishing the outside prayer space, and yesterday, Rev'd Christine came and helped us officially open it with a lovely blessing.
The Worship Team loved working on this project and are thrilled that it has come to fruition finally. It's been on the cards since well before the pandemic, and we can't wait to start using it. Sadly, current guidelines mean we cannot simply open it up to be used; therefore we will be talking to the children about a different bubble using it each week, so the resources etc can quarantine over the weekend. However, we do hope to be able to open it freely in September, guidelines permitting, including possibly at times to parents and even the local community.
I thought you'd all like to see some photos of the finalised space! Thank you to everyone who made or sent in contributions - those bits really helped to make it special. Mrs Rennison :)