The St Martin's Outdoor Library is now... open!

8th June 2020
The St Martin's Outdoor Library is now.... open!
If you'd like to, as per Mrs Bartlett's email, please visit between 9.15am and 4pm, trying to avoid 1.30pm-2pm as this is pick up time for most children in school. We are hoping it does't rain; if it does, and we need to take the books in, we'll let you know on FB and website but let's keep fingers crossed for a dry day...
There are markers out for queuing if there is more than one of you at a time. There's a box for you to return any old library books too.
There are 120 books out; a range of young fiction, older fiction and non-fiction. You can help yourself to two books - just remember to email with the titles and authors of the books you've borrowed.
Enjoy! Mrs Rennison