The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow - Mrs Rennison

15th May 2020
The staff film is something a little different today.  Most of you know how much Mrs Rennison loves singing.  In today's staff film she teaches you how to sing the song The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow from the musical Annie.  In the staff films section of the website you will find:
*a film of Mrs Rennison teaching the song,
*a film which has the music and the words on it so you can practise,
*a word document with the song lyrics on,
*a audio track for you to perform to. 
Good luck.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all perform it - and love the idea that we may be able to perform it altogether when we get back to school!  Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to add a video of the school performing this song to this section of the website - obviously with all the necessary parental permissions in place!