Thursday 22nd March Evening Update Y5/6 Residential

22nd March 2018
It’s been another fun-filled day at Avon Tyrrell. The children got up refreshed and ready to go, despite the tiredness starting to set in; my suggestion would be not to plan too much for the weekend as I think sleeping might be the highest priority, although for others it might be washing thoroughly... everyone has had at least one shower but I make no promises as to how clean a state I will be returning them to you in.
Today we have completed different activities including high wires, crate stacking, zip wiring and adventure problem solving, alongside any of the activities that each group hadn’t yet done throughout the week. The children have got to know the instructors quite well and have come up with nicknames for them - ask them about Mr Man and Big Ben, to name but a few!
Everyone has has pushed themselves this week, in many different ways. I think if you ask your child what they are proud of from the week, they will all have things to share with you that they have achieved, that they just didn’t think they could do at first glance.
This evening we enjoyed some lighthearted singalong karaoke courtesy of Mrs Santana’s karaoke machine, and played some games, before putting on our best disco outfits and rocking the night away. Highlight of the disco was some boys/girls face off dance competitions and the number of children that can do the worm! We finished with a singalong-a-frozen rendition which I myself enjoyed too much - definitely more than is healthy or professional in a deputy headteacher.  After a story in the library in our pjs, everyone got to bed earlier than the rest of the week, including the adults. 
Last day tomorrow! See you about 3pm, hopefully tired but happy.
Mrs Rennison