Uganda Day/Share a Pencil Day 20.5.2020

19th May 2020
Morning all,
Tomorrow was going to be our Uganda Day. We were intending to link this day loosely to 'Share a Pencil Day' - this day aims to raise awareness about the millions of children globally that are missing out on an education. However, having looked at the 'working from home' resources on their website, we feel they are quite hard hitting and possibly raise issues that we would not want our children exposed to. But despite this, it is a good opportunity to think about our friends in Bukuya, and the difficulties they face - we are sure there must be times when they need to share a pencil! One of the initiatives of share a pencil day is to do just that; feel the frustration of having to share resources that we take for granted at school/at home. You could try this at home!
Maybe your children might like to dress in the Ugandan colours tomorrow, or spend a bit of time learning about life in Uganda; food, farming, school, clothes, weather, culture, music etc. Whatever interests them. We'd love you to share anything you do for Uganda Day so please let us know, either on here or email to Have fun!
Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison