We Made It!

22nd July 2020
We've done it! We've officially reached the end of the summer term.
We wanted to say a huge congratulations to all of you. At the start of the year, not one of us could have envisaged the challenges we would all face this year - lock down, home learning, supporting our children to get used to the new normal. However we think you have done an amazing job. For those of you who have been home learning, it is traditional on the last day of term, for teachers to finish early and then relax and be looked after by your family. We would recommend take away and a glass of whatever you like to drink, followed by chocolates!
We also wanted to thank you for all your support this year. It has not been an easy year and we have faced many difficult decisions and had to adapt and re-plan things regularly, often with very little notice. We have sent many long emails, with lots of information in them, often with very little notice. However despite this, you have all been incredibly understanding and supportive. You have got no idea how much the positive feedback that you have given us during this time has meant to us all. There have been many times when we have been feeling exhausted, or disillusioned with something, and have then received an email or a facebook post from a parent sharing their child's happiness at something we have done, which has made all the hard work worthwhile.
Just so you know, this is not us signing off for the summer - we will still be working and there will be emails and facebook posts (e.g. we have got to share the answers to the Guess the pet video and each teacher is putting together a message for their new class) throughout the summer, but these will not be as regular as they are during term time. We will also still be accessing emails, so feel free to contact me on headteacher@st-martins.hants.sch.uk but please be aware I will only be checking emails about once a week so will not be responding as quickly as normal.
We hope you all have a lovely summer and can't wait to see all the children back in September!
Mrs Bartlett and Mrs Rennison