We need your help with learning skills!

1st October 2020
Parents and carers - we need your help!
We talk a lot to the children in worship, about using our school learning skills (teamwork, perseverance, curiosity, concentration, resourcefulness, reflection) all the time, not just at school (as some children think they are just in-school skills, rather than life skills). We are keen to hear about times when your children have used any of these skills at home. We'd love some evidence of this to take to our governors next week, so does anyone have any examples to share? You can either share them on here or, if you'd rather do so privately, do send them to headteacher@st-martins.hants.sch.uk.
We'd love some examples now, but we'd also love to see them posted or emailed as and when those moments happen in the future... thank you!
Mrs Rennison and Mrs Bartlett