Wednesday 21st March Morning Update Y5/6 Residential

21st March 2018
What a beautiful sunny morning! 
In a change to yesterday morning, this morning we woke all but 6 children up - think the fresh air of yesterday wore them out. All have therefore slept well and are excited about today’s activities. We had a lovely continental breakfast of pastries, toast and cereals etc so are fuelled and ready to go.
I just wanted to make you aware that yesterday we had an issue where we became aware that the other school here at Avon Tyrrell knew our keypad entry code to our floor. Sensibly, the St Martin’s children who found this out came straight to me so that I could sort it out. There was some mass anxiety about the possibility of other children going in our rooms, and some children thought some things had been moved - if you could see their rooms pre-room inspection, you’d know that wasn’t the case! Also, whilst we are at activity time, so are the other school so it simply isn’t possible.
I have had our bedroom door codes changed so that our children feel safe and secure. I have reassured our children, reminded them that we must not share our code with anyone else, and also reminded them that their safety is my primary concern, but that I will worry about it so they don’t have to, and that they must trust me and the other adults to sort it out rather than them worry about it. 
I wanted to share this with you in case the children jump off the coach with ‘other people have been in our rooms!’ as the first thing they share with you, which wouldn’t be accurate and might cause you some unnessessary concern!
I’ll update you this evening on our day today but with such lovely weather, we’re going to have a fun-filled day.
Mrs Rennison