Wellbeing Resource

8th April 2020
Good morning everyone,
How is everyone feeling? Not just your children, but you as parents as well? I know that the lack of sun and it being the middle of another week away from school, has made me feel fed up today. I know that's normal - in this awful, unprecedented time it's ok to feel sad or worried or anxious about everything. However, I think it's important to acknowledge how we are all feeling - we can't all be cheerful and happy all the time, even if you want to do so in order to give your children that impression.
I have found a range of resources that might help with managing feelings- mostly aimed at your children of course but I reckon some of them will help us all as adults as well! From now on I am going to regularly post a new wellbeing resource each week that I hope might help you and your children - they may even be able to contribute to your daily learning, once the Easter holidays are over and SOMAD (School Of Mum And Dad) resumes!
I'm adding a link in this post to a free resource - 20 calming activities to help relax children. it comes from an ELSA support website - ELSA support is about emotional literacy, so understanding and dealing with emotions. They are downloadable cards with activities designed to help you understand how some negative emotions make you feel within your own body. I really liked some of them. You may not feel your children would benefit from any of these but I am hoping they may help some of you.
Mrs Rennison :)