World Mental Health Day

9th October 2020
World Mental Health Day
In order to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day, the children are decorating the playground today with chalk pictures. I have just emailed all parents and carers with further information, as well as details of how you can come to see what they have done at the end of the day.
I'd like to thank the art ambassadors for organising this event and for providing some outlines for the younger children to colour in. I can't wait to see what the playground looks like when all the children have had the chance to either colour the templates provided or add their own designs.
Mrs Bartlett
I owe you all an apology...
We've all had a lovely morning with each bubble spending a session outside drawing various things on the playground with chalk. I've seen lots of smiles - both from children and staff drawing their own pictures and from children and staff enjoying the artwork of others. However, as well as decorating the playground with chalk, we also have some children who have ended up covered in chalk - I'm afraid both the children and their clothes are going to need a good wash tonight!