23rd April 2020

Morning everyone,

I just wanted to check in on you all and see how you are doing. We are reaching the end of the first week back after the Easter holidays and I know, having heard from some of you, that some children (and adults!) are finding it harder this week. I think it's about the fact that we knew the Easter holidays were coming and we had that to look forward to before; now we are so unsure what the future holds. I have just had virtual coffee with some of the school staff as we, like many of you, try to stay connected in this difficult time. Whilst previously this has left me feeling cheered up, today it has left me feeling a bit sad, and lonely. I wonder if anyone of you are also feeling that way this week.

I wanted to share this photo of the Gizmo, the worry monster that now lives in the Conker Room with me. I never got to share him with the children (although Sycamore got a sneak peak before Christmas!), but he is there ready to eat up any children's worries once we go back to school. There is also a worry bx in the Conker Room, in case children want to post their worries in there. I wonder if any of the children might like to make a worry box at home, and post any worries they have? It can be all their own design, shape, size, colour. A project idea perhaps?

As Mrs Bartlett always says, take care of yourselves, your families, and also each other - I think that bit matters so much right now.

Mrs Rennison