Year 5/6 Residential Update

18th March 2018
Update on the Year 5/6 Residential
We have spoken to the coach company who are currently happy to transport us.  We have tried to speak to Avon Tyrrell but can not currently make contact.  We will obviously not set off unless we have managed to talk to them and confirm that conditions at their end are suitable.  We will review the situation in the morning but are currently considering the following options:
*to proceed with our original plan,
*to delay our departure time to later on Monday to give the snow a chance to thaw,
*to meet at Tot Hill Services so the coach does not have to do the lane outside school,
*to delay departure until Tuesday morning.
As always the safety of the children is our paramount concern and will be the key factor when making decisions.  We will review the weather both here and at Avon Tyrrell first thing in the morning and keep you informed of any decisions through our website.
We are doing everything we can to make sure the residential goes ahead - we know how much our children are looking forward to it and we are determined not to let the weather stop us!