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Mobile library and reading books

Good morning all,
Just a quick reminder that the mobile library is open today and you are welcome to visit it to borrow a book or two for your child to read at home.  Please just remember to email library@st-martins.hants.sch.uk so that we know what you have borrowed - thank you.  We have also put out new book band reading books for all the children who returned their reading books on Friday last week - you can find these in named folders on the tables to the left of the mobile library.
We have made the decision to leave the mobile library at the back of the hall.  Although the weather is meant to be OK today, it has worked well the last two weeks in the back of the hall - and it saves us having to carry the tables out to the front of the school!  I have to confess, that anything that makes things a little easier at the moment, is a definite win for me!
Take care
Mrs Bartlett